メモ帳アプリ / MemoPad



SDK付属のサンプルも、Android Marketに公開されているメモ帳アプリが使いづらかったので自作した次第です。

iphone/ipod touch搭載のメモ帳に近いUIになっていますので、iphone/ipod touchからAndroidへ移行する人には使いやすいのではないでしょうか。

動作確認機種: Xperia X10 (その他海外製端末でも問題なく動作・表示する報告を受けております)


Memo Pad, a simple light and easy use note book application, has been published in the android market.
As it’s interface is similar to the notebook application embedded in the iphone or an ipod touch, I hope it will be more easy to use for those who have changed their device from them.

The main target is Xperia X10, but it might be also suitable for other devices.


コメント / トラックバック1件 to “メモ帳アプリ / MemoPad”

  1. Hello – I am using Memo Pad version 18 on a Verizon Motorola Droid X running Android 2.2.3. I really like the app. I would like to suggest that some type of indicator appear on the memo pad icon that appears on the phone’s home screen when there are memos written in the memo pad. As an example if I write a memo telling me to do something, etc. I might forget – if there was an indicator of some sort on the memo pad icon then when I look at the home screen I would know there were memos written in the memo pad.

    Thank You!

    Bill Artman – USA


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